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Benjamin Moore

At Bennett Paint, we only offer you the best, high quality products because we want to help make your home your sanctuary.


We offer Aura Waterborne Interior Paint as well as Aura Bath & Spa Waterborne Interior Paints. Both are durable and designed to provide excellent coverage with fewer coats while remaining smooth. In fact, it’s guaranteed to cover in only two coats. It features the Benjamin Moore Color Lock technology for durability, hide, and rich colors. Both are also mildew resistant, and the Aura Bath & Spa Matte Finish is formulated for humid environments while maintaining the intended matte finish.

  • Matte
  • Eggshell
  • Satin
  • Semi-Gloss
Benjamin Moore Paints Products Benjamin Moore Aura

You can find the Regal Select Waterborne Interior Paint in our store. Avoid brush marks with this paint formulated for excellent paint flow and leveling. It’s also durable and ready to stand up to any abuse your family has for them! And it’s easy to apply while giving you a uniform finish throughout your home.

  • Flat
  • Matte
  • Eggshell
  • Pearl
  • Semi-Gloss
Benjamin Moore Paints Products Regal Select Eggshell Finish

ben Waterborne Interior Paints are an acrylic blend, making it a user-friendly paint. This is a great choice for novice painters who have decided to do it on their own instead of hiring contractors. It makes touch-ups easy, has low odor, and is also easy to wash. These paints also save you time & money because they include the paint and the primer all in one!

  • Flat
  • Eggshell
  • Semi-Gloss
Benjamin Moore Paints Products Benjamin Moore ben Premium Eggshell Interior Paint & Primer

Advance is perfect if you’re looking for an easy application with a waterborne formula, which makes it easy to clean with soap and water! And it delivers an unbelievably smooth finish, with no brush marks. It’s best used for interior doors, trims, and cabinets. Since this is an oil / latex hybrid paint, as opposed to just oil, then you can put it on top of oil without needing a primer first.

  • Satin
  • Semi Gloss
  • High Gloss
Benjamin Moore Paints Products Benjamin Moore Advance

This alkyd paint is easy to apply and won’t budge, even on angled surfaces, because it’s formulated with sag resistance. If the surface you’re painting is in good condition, this paint even offers two-coat coverage. It’s great for trim because it clings to sharp edges/corners and won’t slide down the angle of your trim.

Benjamin Moore Paints Products Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo

If you’re looking for a more economical option, specifically for contractors or property managers, you need Ultra Spec. It’s a zero VOC, high quality interior paint which provides excellent coverage and durability for less work. With a smooth application and quick drying ability, this paint makes your paint jobs much more efficient!

  • Flat
  • Low Sheen
  • Eggshell
  • Semi-Gloss
  • Gloss


Benjamin Moore Paints Products Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500


Aura® Waterborne Exterior Paint provides rich, lasting color which is formulated to withstand the harshest weather conditions. It even offers resistance to peeling, cracking, and fading while also resisting mildew and stains. It’s easy to apply, provides excellent coverage so you don’t need as much paint, and provides rich and true colors thanks to the Benjamin Moore® Proprietary Color Lock®.

  • Flat
  • Low Luster
  • Semi-Gloss

Regal® Exterior Paints are 100% acrylic fortified using advanced alkyd technology to create a paint with superior adhesion to any surface. It’s durable and formulated to prevent cracking, peeling, and fading with a smooth finish with none of those pesky brush marks.

  • Flat
  • Low Luster
  • Soft Gloss
Benjamin Moore Paints Products Benjamin Moore MoorGlo Soft Gloss

The Ultra Spec® Exterior Paint was formulated for professional painting contractors, property managers, specifiers, and facility managers. It’s a high quality, durable exterior paint which can be applied in temperatures as low as 40 F. It’s recommended for: hardboard, wood, vinyl, fiber cement, and aluminum sidings as well as unglazed brick, stucco, concrete, primed metal, and cinder block.

  • Flat
  • Satin
  • Gloss

Interior / Exterior

Advance® Waterborne Interior Alkyd in High Gloss can also be used for exterior surfaces. It gives you a durable high gloss finish which applies just like any conventional alkyd paint but is easy to clean with water and soap. You’ll end up with a lasting finish which is unbelievably smooth!

  • High Gloss

Ultra Spec® HP DTM (Direct to Metal) Acrylic Enamels were formulated to prevent corrosion and protect metal substrates. It also offers gloss retention and brilliant color! It also provides rust inhibition, is easy to apply, and can be used over any hard to coat surface which you have properly prepared. And it will save you time and money since it is a primer and finish in one and dries quickly, to cut down on the application process.

  • Semi-Gloss
  • Low Luster

Super Spec HP® DTM (Direct to Metal) Alkyd paints are formulated to be applied directly to metal as both a primer and finish. Both coats will protect the metal from corrosion and rust. It is only for metal substrates, not to be used on floors or applied over wet surface.

  • Low Luster
  • Gloss (Urethane Alkyd)

Impervex interior / exterior latex paints are created to apply to multiple types of surfaces. They form a tough, durable film with excellent color retention and weathering resistance. It dries quickly and has low odor so applying it is easy. And you can easily wash it with soap and water.

  • High-Gloss
Benjamin Moore Paints Products Latex High-Gloss Enamel

In addition to Benjamin Moore paints, we also offer clients other high quality products. We are a certified seller of Old Masters interior stains because they only use the finest ingredients which allows them to produce the highest quality interior stains available. They add a rich color on a variety of surfaces, such as: fiberglass, metal, compositions surfaces, and wood.

Benjamin Moore Paints and Old Masters Wiping Stain Cans

Old Masters

Can be used on previously finished surfaces, unfinished wood, metal and composition surfaces, and fiberglass. We recommend it for woods like birch, poplar, maple, pine, or cherry.

Can be used on nonporous surfaces like metal and compositions surfaces, fiberglass, and wood. We recommend it for woods like birch, pine, cherry, poplar, and maple.

Can be used on fiberglass, wood, painted surfaces, coated metal, unfinished wood surfaces and previously finished surfaces. We recommend it for railings, fences, lawn furniture, boats and marine surfaces, doors, door frames, and windowsills.

Can be used on fiberglass, exterior wood, coated metal or painted surfaces, unfinished or finished wood surfaces, and surfaces that have been stained and thoroughly dried. We recommend it for outdoor furniture, fiberglass, fencing, steel doors, and wood.

Can be used on interior wood, fiberglass, metal surfaces, unfinished or previously finished wood surfaces, and stained surfaces which have dried thoroughly. We recommend it for bars, floors, counters, cabinets, wood paneling, tabletops, and doors.


This line of Benjamin Moore ® primers features speciality products for any problems you may have with previous stains, tannin bleeding, moisture damage, etc. All of the primers in this line are durable, easy to apply, can be used on hard to coat surfaces, low VOC, and dry quickly.

Benjamin Moore Paints Products Benjamin Moore Fresh Start

This 100% acrylic primer can be used for a variety of interior or exterior projects. With strong adhesion, you can use it on almost any surface and it also offers stain blocking resistance and low odor. And like all Benjamin Moore® products, it dries quickly so you can recoat quickly!

Benjamin Moore Paints Products Benjamin Moore Sure Seal Latex Primer Sealer

This high quality, acrylic-urethane, bonding primer-sealer adheres to even the most challenging of surfaces, which includes but is not limited to: PVC, plastic, glass, glossy tile, vinyl, fiberglass, pre-coated siding, and galvanized metals. It can cure in low temperatures and creates a hard film for protection.

XIM Primers are intended for use on hard to coat surfaces including fiberglass, some plastics, ceramic, porcelain, formica, and more. You can use this primer on interior or exterior surfaces and can be top coated with latex/alkyd paints or epoxies. With it’s super adhesions, it’s sure to stick on any rough surface you need to paint.

  • Latex
  • Oil

Cover Stain

This interior/exterior alkyd primer is a stain blocker and bonder, and you don’t even have to sand before priming. It’s great for use on wood, masonry, drywall, laminates, hardboard, and more. It blocks tannins and helps bind chalky painting surfaces.



The Odorless primer is an alkyd stain blocker which seals stains from water, fire, smoke damage, and even crayon and pen marks. It’s ideal for occupied areas and has low VOC, so you won’t smell it throughout your entire home when you’re painting. It sticks to dense, glossy surfaces easily and can be used on just about any surface you have.



This shellac-based alkyd stain and odor blocker works on interior and exterior surfaces. It seals knots in wood and blocks stains from grease, oil, mildew, soot, and water. It even blocks odors from fire and smoke damage, pet urine, mildew, and more! It dries extremely fast for a quicker application and it penetrates and seals porous surfaces to provide better coverage and a smoother sheen for your top coat.

Ceiling Paint

This paint is formulated specifically for ceilings and can hide many common imperfections you will find on ceilings. This paint offers plenty of open time, which prevents lapping, it has minimal splatter, and dries quickly to save you time between coats. It is the only tintable ceiling paint so you have the option for colors. It’s also great for touch ups!

  • Ultra Flat
Benjamin Moore Paints Products Benjamin Moore Ceiling Paint

Muresco® Ceiling Paint offers a high quality, acrylic coating to give a uniform and flat finish which is easy to apply, resists splattering, and hides surface imperfections.

  • Vinyl Acrylic Flat

Cabot Products

When you’re staining exterior wood, you have an idea of what you want it to look like, but don’t you want the natural personality of the wood to shine through? Cabot Natural Solutions exterior stains use the natural color of the wood to create a unique look for your deck or outdoor furniture.

Cabot also offers a wide variety of colors to blend with the exterior of your home and all provide a scuff-resistant, waterproof, protective layer over the original wood. They come in either latex or alkyd. And we carry a variety of Cabot Stains for siding, decks, and any other surfaces.

We can help you choose the right stain for your project.

  • Semi-Solid
  • Semi-Transparent
  • Solid

Exterior Stains

ArborCoat® Exterior Stain applies easily, offers protection to the wood, and even enhances the grains and texture of the wood surface. The water dispersible alkyd technology provides UV protection which prevents scuffs, mildew, and stains.

  • Translucent (Wood Tones)
  • Semi-Transparent
  • Semi-Solid
  • Solid
Benjamin Moore Paints Products Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Waterborne Exterior Stain

Cetol® DEK Finish

Cetol® DEK Finish is a high performance satin finish for outdoor railing, decks, benches, lattice, and more. Just like our Benjamin Moore products, these exterior stains are high quality and require fewer coats for optimum protection. They’re also flexible and alkyd, so they minimize cracking or blistering of the wood and are also easy to clean up! It’s a quick application product saving you time and money on your outdoors renovations.


Cetol® Log and Siding

Like all Sikkens® products, the Cetol® Log and Siding exterior stain is high quality and translucent satin finish which delivers optimum protection for exterior vertical wood surfaces. If you want your log home to last the hundreds of years it’s capable of, then maintain it with the highest quality exterior stains.


Cetol® SRD

Cetol® SRD is a one-coat exterior stain which will save you even more time when finishing outdoor wood surfaces around your home or office. This stain is recommended for rails, decks, siding shakes and shingles, siding, boat docks, logs, and outdoor furniture.


Cetol® Door and Window

Cetol® Door and Window exterior finish is for speciality applications, such as your exterior windows, doors, garage doors, and even fiberglass doors. Applying three coats you will give your exterior doors or windows optimum protection, including UV protection to prevent the wood from weathering.


Rubbol® Solid

Rubbol® Solid is a hybrid alkyd/acrylic stain. It offers great penetration and adhesion whether you’re working with a bare surface or one which has been painted previously with either water or oil-based coatings. It’s recommended for siding, decks, trim, shingles, fences, logs, pre-primed fiber cement siding, garage doors, exterior plywood, cedar, spruce, pine, fir. It’s also easy to clean up with water and soap.

Additional Products

In addition to our paints and stains, we also sell Wooster brushes, rollers, and small hand tools. We choose to represent the highest quality painting materials to make your job easier. You might not realize it, but you need the right paint brush and roller to make the most of your paint. The tools you use will highlight your paint in the right way, will create a better painting experience for you, and can help you overcome difficult surfaces and bad conditions while painting. Drop in today and we can help you pick the perfect Wooster product for your paint and your needs.

The Corotech High Performance line of epoxies features high solids which dry quickly and are formulated for industrial use and to withstand the power of industrial chemicals and cleaners. They all offer long-term protection and it only takes one or two coats, depending on which product you choose, to cover your floors.


  • Surface Tolerant Epoxy Mastic – Chemical resistant and can be used on floors with little surface preparation.


  • Polyamide Epoxy Coating – Chemical resistant and offers better coverage with less coats.


  • Fast Dry Polyamide Epoxy – Chemical resistant and dries quickly for less time between coats.


  • 100% Solids Epoxy Floor Coating – Chemical resistant, dries quickly, and has no reduction in applied film, delivering maximum coverage.

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