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Our difference

When you’re painting a room, whether you’re painting it for the first time or the fiftieth, you do it because you want to set a mood for the room.

If you’re renovating your bedroom to create a more relaxing environment for you to wind down in, you wouldn’t paint your bedroom a bright orange, which evokes excitement. Instead, you should opt for a blue paint, which brings restful qualities to the room.

Helping you set the ideal mood in every room in your home, while also creating a cohesive color palette matching your sense of style, is our goal.


When you’re painting your entire house, or even just one room, consider the colors you will see through openings between rooms. If those colors clash, it can ruin the mood you’ve set in each room. The colors should flow throughout your entire home.

Benjamin Moore Paint Store Client Looking at Paint Colors Swatches

You may have heard of Bennett Paint because we are known for our color matching services in the Winston Salem area.

We pride ourselves on finding the exact color you need. For instance, say you want the exact calming light blue color of your favorite flowers, hydrangeas. You can bring in a flower or a framed picture and we will find a Benjamin Moore ® paint color to compliment it.

Benjamin Moore Paint Store Paint Cans

You will save time and money with Benjamin Moore® Paints because of the quality of the paint.

Benjamin Moore® only produces the highest quality of paint. And in an effort to save you time and money, they create volume solid paints which offer better coverage. Since this produces a thicker paint, you won’t be buying as much for a room as you would with a lower quality brand of paint. With thick and vibrant coverage, you will use less coats with our paints. Also, the thickness of the paint makes it more durable! You’ll only be repainting when you’re redecorating because this paint won’t fade or budge.

And, even though the paints are thicker, they are formulated to dry quickly. Imagine you’re hiring a contractor to paint your house, you will save money on labor on top of saving money on paint. Or you may have thought, I don’t have the time to paint my house right now! With great coverage comes less time spent painting and with quick drying paint comes less time waiting between coats, so you might save money by not hiring a crew and doing the painting yourself without taking on a time-consuming task. And most of Benjamin Moore® paints are free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which is what gives paint an awful, strong smell that lingers in your house with lower quality paints. When you use our paints, you’ll breathe easy and also be doing the environment a favor!

Our staff knows what should be considered when choosing paint for your home to ensure it’s exactly what you want.

Since we are a Benjamin Moore ® Signature Store, we are your Benjamin Moore ® Winston Salem experts! And our team can walk you through the process of choosing a color palette for your entire home or just choosing a new color for one room so it will fit in with the rest of your home.

Benjamin Moore Paint Store Paint Color Swatches

Have you ever heard of metamerism?

It’s a phenomenon where colors change and look different under different light sources. Working in a paint store, we know all about it! And even surrounding colors can affect how you perceive a color. We know it’s important to test a color in your own home in direct or indirect sunlight and with artificial light and paired with the other colors in your home and even your furniture.

We make it easy for you to test different colors and shades in your own home by offering free paint swatches, even larger-sized swatches because we know it’s hard to judge from a small square of color. Or you can purchase a pint-size paint sample.

We’re always available to help you determine the perfect color for your home. Not just the one which looks great in our store’s lighting!

We are a local Winston Salem paint company and contribute to our community whenever we get the chance.

We are happy to be a part of the Winston Salem community which keeps our business running. We donate large portions of our mistints to different establishments in our community to give back. Sometimes we donate them to art schools, so students have a high quality paint to create with. Sometimes our mistints will go to a local church so they can create the perfect, welcoming atmosphere for their congregation.

We are a local business offering high-end painting products with knowledgeable staff members who are available to help you create the perfect atmosphere for your home with our high quality, long-lasting paints.